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In this article, I’m going to show you how to get 10x more customers to start calling your business. Many startups struggle to get customers calling them mainly because when you are just starting not many people know about what you.

You need a phone for people to call you.

I know this might sound like an obvious thing to say but bear with me, you shouldn’t be using a personal number to promote your business because it looks unprofessional and customers are less likely to call you, there are many services you can use to get a company number that reflects your location, you can visit Skype to register a landline number, all you need a good internet connection to make calls and incoming calls can be forwarded to you cell number

Digital Advertising

In today’s digital world customers no longer have to look for a book to find what they are looking for, they use their smartphone to search for products and services and with Google being the biggest search engine out there that’s where most people go to find information.
Akha Web offers digital advertising services to businesses that are looking to expose themselves faster, we are certified google partners so we know a thing or two about advertising businesses on the biggest search engine in the world.

Give us a call today and we promise to increase the number of customers that give your business a call per day and you only. Sign up with us today and receive R600 free advertising

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